Geoff Hughes
Geoff and Louise Hughes
Two Generations of Clog dancers
Louise Hughes
Dancing feet

Waltz Routine

Exactly what it says - 12 steps danced in 3/4 time.


Woodland Flowers

a 5-step dance composed by Geoff to the popular clog dance tune. It is a dance with very few shuffles but lots of heel work.


Mrs Marhoff's Dances

Geoff collected these back in the early 1970's from Mrs Marhoff when she was living in Cambridgeshire (although she was brought up in Sunderland.)

The Single Hornpipe is now well known and widely danced. We dance it exactly as Mrs Marhoff first taught it to Geoff.

We also perform the dance that Mrs Marhoff's grandfather gave her as her own, special dance. When she was teaching Geoff her dances she told him that she couldn't pass this dance onto her own family as they weren't interested in clog dancing. So she taught this dance to Geoff on the understanding that he wouldn't teach it to anyone else until he was himself ready to pass it on. After 30 years, Louise has now learnt the dance and she will pass it on when she is ready to do so. It seems quite fitting for Louise to be the latest recipient of this dance since Mrs Marhoff's grandfather was born in Scholes, Wigan, only a couple of miles from Louise's birthplace.


Dawns Casnewydd

A Welsh dance composed by Huw Williams that Louise learnt from Carol Loughlin at Cobblers Awl in Cardiff. She has now taught it to Geoff and since Welsh clog dances don't have any English-style shuffles it's been an interesting experience for him!


Geoff performs various hornpipe dances in the Northumberland and Durham style, including his own 5-step Hornpipe routine which he published in 1986 as a book and tape for workshop attendees. It's a dance in which the steps are repeated of both feet and use the same "shuffle off" throughout.


Sammy Bell's Waltz

Another widely danced routine by Sammy Bell, a champion dancer and pupil of the Ellwood family, which is performed by Louise.

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